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Spa and Hot Tub Guide to Gazebos
A beautifully designed gazebo can provide serenity and privacy for a spa or hot tub as well as accentuating the appearance of any home or garden area.

Whether the spa or hot tub you have chosen is simply for relaxation or for therapeutic reasons…whether it's a 2- person spa or hot tub that fits 11… a gazebo can add beauty and seclusion to your spa or hot tub experience.

Please note that we do not build our gazebos "over" or "around" your spa or hot tub. We offer "removable post" to facilitate the installation of your unit "into" our Gazebo. Whether you choose our specially treated, weather resistant wood floor decking or our composite vinyl floor you can be assured that your new Gazebo creation will handle the weight of your spa or hot tub as well as the water and people you put in it!

If looking to enclose your spa or hot tub you need to consider the "space" you want to allot around your unit…particularly if the controls are on one or more of the sides. If the Gazebo is to have screens or Vinyl Tec windows for privacy you must take into consideration the "space" for them too.

Another planning feature of the Gazebo is the opening or entrance door placement. On rectangle or oval Gazebos you may want to move the opening or door, normally centered on the long side wall, to a "corner" location or even to the narrower "gable" end.

Finally, when considering a spa, hot tub, or Gazebo purchase be sure to check with your town, city, or county to see if you need a permit to install one on your property. Also, if you belong to a homeowner's association be sure to check their bylaws to ensure that spas, hot tubs, or Gazebos are permitted.

Whether purchasing an octagon, oval or rectangular shaped gazebo to house your spa or hot tub, the guidelines shown below should help you make an informed decision as to the size and style that will work best for you.


Octagon Gazebos give you the least amount of even space and are normally used "open air" (without screens or windows) for spas or hot tubs.

12' octagon Gazebo...maximum unit size recommended is 6'6" square
14' octagon Gazebo...maximum unit size recommended is 7'6" square

Oval or Rectangle Gazebos provide much more room, especially for accommodating comfortable furnishings.

Oval Gazebos have octagon-shaped ends which may limit the available space for the spa or hot tub just like an Octagon. Yet, you have the center area that provides the even usable space like a Rectangle.

Rectangle Gazebos provide the most usable space and offer more locations for the spa or hot tub. (Shown with track windows for privacy.)

Guides to follow when planning out the available space between the railings of a Rectangle Gazebo choose a Gazebo size as following:
WITHOUT screens or windows:
Subtract 10" from the width and length measurements
Example: 12' x 20' RECTANGLE = 11'2" x 19'2" of space

WITH Screens:
Subtract 13" from the width and length measurements
Example: 12' x 20' RECTANGLE = 10'11" x 18'11" of space

Subtract 16" from the width and length measurements
Example: 12' x 20' Rectangle = 10'8" x 18'8" of space

Please feel free to call in and ask one of our qualified sales representatives to help assist you in computing the space needed for your hot tub or spa.